Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Uberlist 2013!

a new year, and a new Uberlist to give me a much needed kick in the pants!  Here is to 2013!

1. fix up my craft room
2. clean out the pantry
3. clean out the fridge (regularly)
4. clean out and organize the garage.
5. repack all the christmas stuff
6. recycle cans when you get a full bag.
7. keep cutting back (out) on cokes
8. 100 consecutive push ups
9. 100 consecutive sit ups
10. 200 consecutive squats
11. pass white star assessments
12. pass orange star assessments
13. finish GAR
14. 52 weeks, 52 projects
15. have a SUPER VACAY!
16. update super vacay xs 2
17. plan a Family Super Vacay
18. lose 5 lbs
19. clean out closet
20. clean out under bed
21. clean out side drawer
22. clean out big drawers
23. organize kids clothes
24. eat more salad
25. clean out laundry room
26. clean out vacuum closet
27. find the baby monitor
28. send clothes to teri's girls
29. keep my toes nice and painted
30. put the twin bed frame away
31. make baby presents
32. sew some new house dresses
33. buy/make yukata
34. find a nice box for jake's teeth
35. take care of my health
36. run 350 miles
37. picture a day - instagram
38. less TV
39. go to dinner for my Bday!
40. use more coupons
41. make more home salsas and picos
42. get a discount on our phones
43. order Henry's baby pictures
44. 1 year pics for Henry
45. Family picture
46. wake up before the kids more often than not
47. get a koi for henry - boy's day
48. figure out if space-a is worth the work
49. finish LOTR with Liz
50. see the Hobbit again at the Sharkey
51. read 10 books
52. cut back on magazines
53. pay off the mazda
54. put the books in order
55. more beach
56. grow out my hair. (a trim is ok for SV)
57. stop pulling out my white hair.  I am getting older, I should deal with it.
58. i am a Mom and a BAMF and i need to remember that more
59. make summer dresses for Kitty
60. sew seasonal curtains
61. less AC
62. sew pajamas for Kitty
63. keep my car nice
64. Damn Afghan!  finish that stupid thing!
65. keep a project in my purse
66. swimming lessons for the kids
67. super clean scrubbing time bathrooms (every other month)
68. clean out filing cabinet by the end of Jan.
69. drink more beer.
70. watch a TON of derby
71. more zoo
72. more aquarium
73. figure out perfect measurement for ekobrew
74 use ekobrew more
75. buy Kitty some shoes
76. plant beans with Liz
77. get the kids a ball of worms
78. use all my groupons
79. join PTA (belch!)
80. give extra and old towels to ASPCA
81. get library cards
82. mop a LOT more
83. finish blocking shawls
84.  send baby things to Kristine
85. fix my apron envy
86. try to be less awkward
87. start blogging again
88. Henry in crib
89. Kitty in Bed
90. teach liz to do her own laundry
91. teach Kitty to ride a bike
92. buy more correlle
93. interweave knits: CDs vs Magazines
94. Awesome Henry Happy Birthday!
95. transfer plants in the yard.
96. put up my posters and diplomas
97. small shelf for vinylmation
98. buy a small shelf for craft books
99. make a rug
100. take vitamins
101. don't run out of paper goods
102. FINISH MY WORK! aka don't leave shit half done
103. get the kids toys upstairs
104. make new jams
105. always have some chili in the freezer
106. plan ahead
107. cable vs. dish vs. netflix
108. NSO
109. pics of EFRT!
110. wish more Happy Birthdays
111. fix shredder
112. shred old bills
113. take the kids camping

now i realize in writing this out i seem to be a complete slob.  either that or someone that loves to clean things.  i am neither.  it's just nice to be able to cross something off when i finish a job i don't want to do that needs to be done.  YAY!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

closing out the 2012 year...

1.  Find "Knitter's Almanac".   it was right there with the other EZ!
2.  52 weeks = 52 projects
3.  Pack up yarn
4.  Modified February Baby Sweater tried but i hated it.  
5.  Sew a Drindl
6.  Sew summer dresses for girls
7.  Make reusable veg bags.
8.  Weave in the ends of the DA!
9.  Lace!
10.  Hot water bottle cozy
11.  Make a Christmas stocking for the baby.
12.  Flannel Jammies for the girls.
13.  Sew knitting project bags.
14.  Sock in purse... always.
15.  Try colorwork
16.  Design some cute tops
17.  Finish secret books.
18.  Find Postal scale.
19.  Arrange knitting/craft books... again.

FAMILY  10/16
20.  Have a Baby
21.  Potty train Kitty
22.  No more pull-ups, part 2.
23.  Family photo
24.  Go out with JUST PAT!
25.  Plant a garden
26.  Watch the Olympics with the kids.
27.  Liz to ride a 2 wheeler
28.  Jake to ride a 2 wheeler
29.  Take a famliy vacation
30.  Disneyland!
31.  Take Liz to see the Hobbit.
32.  Go to the beach more.
33.  Go to the library more
34.  Take kids out, one on one.
35.  Take kids camping.

36.  Find Curriculum for Homeschooling
37.  Swimming lessons for kids
38.  Dance or music classes for kids
39.  Get cracking on Liz's penpals
40.  Storage for school supplies, or Homeschooling.

41.  Move
42.  "New Address" cards
43.  Get rid of stuff while packing and unpacking.
44.  Get my awesome 3PO/R2/Mt. Fuji picture framed and hung.
45.  Put Christmas away by 1/20
46.  Clean out shed.
47.  Clean out side drawers
48.  Clean out under bed
49.  Clean off the top of the dresser
50.  Throw out old make up/nail polish
51.  Put all of Liz's teeth in the same place.
52.  Fill out all my calendars
53. Clean out under bathroom sinks.
54.  Chuck old tupperware
55.  Scrub the master bathroom before Pat comes home...
56.  Just get rid of it - boxes, jars, bags, etc.
57.  Donate old glasses and cell phones.
58.  Like goes with like (lightbulbs, mail, magazines, blankets)
59.  Enter points as i get them.
60.  Send books and mags to Tony
61.   Send away VHS

62.  Cut back cable
63.  Cut back phone
64.  Store old bills by 1/15
65.  Shred oooooooold bills by 1/31
66.  Track grocery savings
67.  Start savings for Dragon Ball
68.  Turn in pig/Cheesechan!
69.  Save $250 for super vacation!
70.  Update Super Vacation at least 3xS

ME! 12/19
71.  Read 5 books.
72.  End 2012 @ 135 lbs
73.  Run a 5K
74.  Have lunch with my Mom
75.  Update my vaccinations.
76.  Watch less crap T.V. (you should do this too, Kristi!)
77.  Listen to more of MY music (the punk rock, and VGS)
78.  Eat a steak with my friends.
79.  Get my eyes checked ~ May
80.  Visit Dr. Kanda
81.  Take up dance again
82.  Let people help me.
83.  Figure out where my memory went!
85.  Swim more
86.  Drink more water (blech!)
87.  Take more "me" time.
88.  Update Ravelry
89.  Update Flickr

90.  A new bed for me and Pat
91.  Buy diapers/nursing gear by 1/31.
92.  Prepare for Nursing by buying dark beers.
93.  bed for Kitty
94.  Drawers for Kitty
95.  Drawers for Dragon Ball
96.  Get Liz her own jewelry box

FOOD 4/8
97.  Make PW cinnamon rolls
98.  Perfect a fried rice recipe.
99.  Eat food in the freezer
100.  Eat more Sonic ice.
101.  BBQ more
102.  More fresh (farmer's market) fruits/veg
103.  Teach Pat to cook rice/sopa
104.  New coffee pot?

CAR 6/8
105.  Get Pat's car an oil change
106.  Get my car an oil change
107.  Wash Pat's car 2xs
108.  Wash my car 6xs
109.  Figure out baby/Kitty bag
110.  Potty in car
111.  Clean baby car seat
112.  Arrange car seats by 1/31

69/112  almost 71% complete.  it was a nutz year, and i am surprised i got that much done.  a 'C' is passing, i guess...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

There should be a law of the universe that states: If you have to fall asleep next to a little that is scared of the dark you shouldn't have to wake up to change sheets in the middle of the night. If you MUST change sheets in the middle of the night then you shouldn't have to wake up at six in the morning to let the dog out. If you MUST let the dog out at six in the morning then You shouldn't have to have your leg barfed on. If your leg DOES get barfed on then you shouldn't have to change a baby who's just crapped all up his back. If for any reason all of these things have been taken care of by you then You should recieve one million dollars, because you just won the parent lottery! Btw now that I have finished with the baby the dog wants out again... I guess this lottery has a multiplier...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

this is what i have learned as of late...

the internet keeps me connected to the outside world when i am without a husband, or close friends or family.  since moving back in with my mom (temporarily) i don't use the internet half as much as i used to.  i have my brother to talk to, in real life! nieces and nephews to play with, a sister to pester, a grandpa to hug, and a mom to talk about everything with.  i haven't needed the inter webs to keep me company...  my blog reader is clogged up, and i haven't listened to a podcast in weeks!

moving is stressful.  from one house to another is huge, when you are in the same city, or state, but we are moving from the complete right hand side of the country (Virginia, awful, awful, virginia) alllllllllll the way to the left (lovely, beautiful, Hawaii).  add to the equation a new baby, three other kids, and a dog, and it isn't any wonder i have dropped out.

plus, i find that the internet isn't as interesting as watching my newest boy look at his hands, or kick his feet.  or look back at me with his little baby eyes, and hint a smile at me.  i am sure i will be back soon.  to tell you all tales of my wonderful kids and the things they are up to, but i am not going to break my neck to get over here.  i've got a life to live, a darling and most awesome husband to eat tacos with, and littles to love.  and that is where i should be.

but i'll be visiting...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

i've been busy


this is henry.  he is two and a half weeks old now.  i love him a lot.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

on your marks...

the past week or so, everyday has felt like some horrible race.  one where there are a billion things to do while balancing a ming vase on my head.  a race against time, and a race of endurance.  and always, at the end of the day, i am beat.  exhausted.  my back hurts, my guts are being pummeled from the inside, and the last thing i want to do is get up, from the bed, to pee (because i always have to pee).  but the worst part is knowing that tomorrow, i have to wake up and race all over again.  i have to do more of the same, and i will have the same pains and owies. tomorrow i will be at 36 weeks.  so i don't have much more of the marathon of being pregnant...  soon i will begin the marathon of being a mother of four.

Monday, January 23, 2012

35 weeks

now is the time of little sleep.  that is what they should call the end of pregnancy... little sleep.  i catch small naps here and there throughout the day, and i sleep for a couple of hours at a time at night, but the long stretches of sleep that i crave are no where to be found.  i am sure that the fact that i haven't been doing much isn't helping.  i would really like to be up and about scrubbing and cleaning, and getting ready the house for baby, and husband, but it worries me that i might go into labor and i don't have my mom here.  of course there are some pretty awesome people that i KNOW would watch my kids, but i would still have a worry in my brain... and worrying about anything while laboring to have a baby is not the way to go.  for me, there is usually more puke involved, and a harder time overall.  so i will take the little sleeps that i can, and i will rest and watch Downton Abbey.  i will knit, and read books, and i will play with my kids, and wait for my mom to get here.  and when she does, there will be little that can stop me and my scrubbing brushes, or nap times...